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Lifeguarding 2017-2018 Season

Patrol Teams

  • Download patrol teams list here Patrol Team for 2017-18
  • Patrol Teams list with phone numbers - please email communications@paekakarikisurflifeguards.org.nz to obtain a copy (this will only be forwarded to current lifeguards) 


Dates to be confirmed. 

Courses and Training Opportunities

There are plenty of wonderful training oppourtunities available this season. Please take time to consider whether or not you wish to take advantage of these this season, as not all courses come round every year.

Not only are these courses great for your advancement in the Surf Lifesaving environment, many of them are part of the NZQA framework, and look great on the CV if you wish to become a regional guard in the future!

If you wish to be considered for any of the below courses please contact Alice Sagar - sagaralice@hotmail.com.

IRB Crew / Drivers

For those who have completed their Bronze qualification in the last couple of seasons, you may wish to consider obtaining you IRB Crewman Certification. Similarly, the club is really keen to get some more IRB Drivers qualified this year!

Trainings 11-2pm Sundays at the club.

Looking ahead…

Whether you are a new lifeguard, or have been patrolling the beach for a couple of years many guards throughout New Zealand strive to achieve the highest Surf Lifesaving qualification possible - the Advanced Lifeguard Award.

The Advanced Lifeguard Award is gained by completing a series of prerequisites and successfully completing a National Lifeguard School.

The prerequisites are:

17 years of age

Current member of a SLS Club

Current Level 2 First Aid (Refreshed)

Surf Lifeguard Award (Refreshed)

Senior Lifeguard Award - Patrol Captain

Swim 800 metres sub 14 minutes

Senior Lifeguard Award - IRB Driver (Refreshed)

Run 3km in under 20 minutes

Marine VHF Radio Operators Certificate


3 years patrolling experience



If you think Advanced Guard is something you wish to strive for (many of you are over half way there!) please let us know so we can endeavour to assist where possible.