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Club Roles

General Enquiries

For general inquiries and clubroom hire please contact communications@paekakarikisurflifeguards.org.nz

Club Roles

The Management Committee of Paekakariki Surf Lifeguards was elected at the AGM and consists of:

President | Ron Valentine

Chair | Dale Wills | d.s.wills@paradise.net.nz

Secretary | Elyse Robert | communications@paekakarikisurflifeguards.org.nz

Treasurer | John Hook | hookypslg@xtra.co.nz

Club Captain | Brent Harvey| clubcaptain@paekakarikisurflifeguards.org.nz

Committee Members: James Imrie, Lynette Imrie, Steve Dickson, Dwight Garton, Steve Shields

Webmaster | Elyse Robert | communications@paekakarikisurflifeguards.org.nz

Centenary Administration | John Hook | centenary@paekakarikisurflifeguards.org.nz

Junior Surf Coordinator | Lynette Imrie | jamesandlyn18@xtra.co.nz

Patrol Officer | Rackley Nolan | racko@paradise.net.nz

Powercraft Officer | Dwight Garton

Building Supervisor | James Imrie |  jamesandlyn18@xtra.co.nz

Registrar | Sandra Bednarek| sandrab@orcon.net.nz

Chief Coach | Shane Radovanovich | rado.sk@xtra.co.nz

Gear Steward | Ross Harvey | buzzh@xtra.co.nz

Boat Captain | Steve Dickson | stevesin30@hotmail.com

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